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The first rule of personal and family finance is protect what you have. Whether you’re 20 or 70, don’t let bad health take your savings. Don’t let disability take your paycheck. Don’t let accident or illness leave your family with no income or only a fraction of what was flowing through your checkbook each month. Insure properly and adequately.

For expert guidance on the protection benefits you need, call Howard Farkash at 602-909-8433. Howard has been serving Phoenix area residents and helping them make sound insurance decisions for 12 years. His practice is based on helping, teaching and preparing clients for making the decisions on policies they can afford and want to buy. was started to serve the needs of people who do not get benefits provided by an employer. Owning your benefits means they are portable and go with you regardless of
your employment status. Clients range from 2 month old babies on a health-care plan up to people in their 80s on Medicare, life insurance or annuity plans. Don’t let misfortune ruin things for you and your family. Protect what is yours and the future of the people you love.


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