Hi-Tech Car Care

Third generation Phoenician whom, with the luck of the Irish, met Karen on a blind date. He took advantage of her undiscriminating taste in men, and make her his wife. Together they have two sons: Lucas and Nicolas.

Automotive Maintenance and Repair. Quality Guaranteed! History: Otis Garnand (Gramps) founded Auto Parts Company in 1948. Prior to this auto parts had only available from service stations and the dealer. Others followed his lead, and the trade name changed to its acronym: APCO. Hi-Tech Car Care is the ultimate response, to the question Jim`s Dad received daily: “Where can I get my car fixed?” This may be where James learned to delegate. Now fixing and maintaining vehicles is THE business, and parts is parts. James strives to honor his forefathers. He has: mucked car wash drains; swept and mopped floors; disassembled, cleaned, machined and rebuilt engines; managed inventory; installed and managed computer networks…­ basically what no one else would (or could) do. This may be why today Hi-Tech Car Care can, and will, do what your vehicle needs.

Website: http://hi-techcarcare.com/