Blue Rose Home Improvement

Blue Rose is proud to offer shower and tub surrounds that have a limited lifetime warranty and are installed in just 1 day. No more having contractors putting a skin-coat or epoxy coating over your old surround which may be fully functional and leaving a noxious smells in the house for days. When all you want is something quick, clean, and with a warranty that will stand up, you can feel comfortable knowing we are here for you. Some surrounds can be simple designs for those who like the classic looks or have a rental to the more elaborate incorporating the use of LED illumination or maybe even a tv/computer screen. Whichever way you decide to go we can ensure that your bathroom, personal, rental, or even commercial, is given the best care and attention for any budget.

There is one word that can definitely separate our company and Innovant’s products from the competitors

8877 North 107th Avenue, Peoria, Arizona 85345, United States