Showboaters’ Responsibilities: 
a. The showboaters’ displays are to be set up by 6:45.
b. The Showboaters display their product or service.
BE CREATIVE! People are visual. This will speak louder than your commercials.
c. Showboaters must be prepared to speak! (Speakers that do not speak pay $10.00 reparation to you.)
A Showboater that does not set up before 6:45 is fined $1.00. If they do not show at all there is a $10.00 fine.


The Greeters’ Responsibilities: 
a. Meet members and guests at the door with:
“Welcome to LeTip, of Camelback Corridor my name is, XXX. Today, I am your official Greeter.”
b. Have each guests sign the registration form and create a name badge.
c. Greeter escort guests to the meeting room & and introduce them to the Showboaters.
A Greeter that does not arrive by 6:45 is fined $1.00. If they do not show at all there is a $10.00 fine.


Speakers’ Responsibilities: 
a. Speakers are given eight minutes to promote their business,
and two minutes to solicit questions and advise how they can best be tipped.
b. The Sergeant at Arms will time the Speaker and give 2 minute warning.
A Speaker that does not speak pays $10.00 to the Showboater who fills their time.